Donos Scetch

Sketch of King Donos II Malvidain of Balinoria

Appearance Edit

King Donos is a tall, thin man of the age of 23. He has the silver eyes of the Malvidain bloodline and a a scar over his left eye. He is seen as incredibly handsome and very social.

History Edit

King Donos II Malvidain of Balinoria is the 27th Malvidain King to sit on the Ruby throne. He is the third son to King Thornon I Malvidain otherwise known as Thornon the Unworthy. Thornon became King after his eldest brother and heir Harys III Malvidain's assassination by his now exiled second brother Raymor "kinsbane" Malvidain. King Donos II Malvidain is married to Queen Selyse Karnath, eldest daughter to Lord Paramount Hubert IV Karnath of The Range.